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Goat Milk Soap-Deep Cleanse

Goat Milk Soap-Deep Cleanse

Goat milk bar soap is now available!! Our deep cleanse bar is made with goat milk, sponified coconut oil, comfrey, honey, calendula, slippery elm bark, carrot seed, frankincese, myrrh, activated charcoal, colloidal silver, and fragrance. 


    If you are not satisfied with your purchase from Kids N Kritters Farm, please contact us immediately! We will refund the price of the product upon return of the product. Shipping will not be refunded. 


    Most packages will be shipped within three days of a placed order. Shipping prices will be calculated. If you are charged a shipping price, and the actual shipping price is less, you will be reimbursed anything more rounded up to the nearest dollar. If the item(s) you purchase cost more than $100 shipping insurance will also be charged.

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