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Specialty Fibers Sampler Pack

Specialty Fibers Sampler Pack

These Specialty fibers are great to learn how to spin, or for felting projects!  The cream colored fiber on the top is from our Suri Llama. It is super silky and soft! The fibers are long, so it's not difficult to spin. The tan colored fiber in the middle row on the right is some long soft Alpaca. This alpaca fiber is fun to play with! The locks in the middle are from our Leicester Long Wool. I love to spin these in locks or bunches for fun artsy yarn. The dark rolag in the back is three different colors of CVM. The CVM are known for having three distinct colors in their fleece. There is just a small amount of the light color of CVM, but it's fun to see the colors. The grey in the front right is from Corridale. This is a fun springy fiber. If you plan to spin it, make sure you spin a smaller diameter than you want to finish with. Corridale springs up so much once you finish.  The fawn colored locks in the front are Angora. This beautiful soft and silky fiber is difficult to spin. It does make a really soft finish with a halo!  The final cream color in the back left, is Shetland blended with silk and cotton. It is amazingly soft!!  There are only small amounts of each of these fibers, so you can try some and see what you like!


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