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Spinning is Satisfying!

Spinning is actually very relaxing, rewarding, and a great opportunity for prayer. I started spinning in the fall of 2018. I've been fascinated with the art of spinning for many years, so when I got a chance to learn how, I jumped in with both feet! I had many wonderful ladies help me out and teach me, then I continued to learn through books and hands on experience. I've even taught several people to spin.

When I first started this adventure, it took a lot of concentration, then as I figured some things out, it became so relaxing for me. I love to sit by the fire, and just spin. I also like to sit and fellowship with friends while I spin.

Watching fiber turn into works of art is super rewarding. Seeing the progress in my work is rewarding, Being able to take a pile of fluff and making it into a beautiful yarn is very rewarding. I love to make fine yarn, thick yarn, art yarn, and even tail spun yarn.

For some reason, I have found while I work with fiber to be one of the best opportunities for prayer.

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