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Another Surprise!

This sweet little girl appeared today! I noticed that my Alpine Doe Biggby had a fuller udder this morning. I had a headache, and was dealing with a difficult child, and didn't think any more about it. Around lunch time, my youngest casually walked in the house and said that Biggby had a kid. I'm like "More detail?!?" I got very little detail from him. So, Lakiesha my daughter offered to go check it out. She brought in this little girl. I do remember one of, or maybe both of the Nubian bucks in the girls pen at some point ( obviously she is part Nubian). Oh well. The little doeling should be a good milker, and she sure looks nice and healthy! Maybe next year I will have my life put together enough to keep track of who parents are. Some of you are probably laughing at this thought=)

Such is my life! Always and adventure!

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