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Most Important Hat

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

My first Blog-1/23/2022

Who are you? Do you ever stop to reflect on that? I know for me, I get caught up in the day to day life, and lose sight of who I really am. Sometimes I like to think of it like wearing ‘hats’. I wear a lot of different ‘hats’, throughout the day, week, month, and season. I don’t know of anyone who wears all the same ‘hats’ that I do. I bet you are just as unique to your set of ‘hats’ when you stop and think about it.

Of all the ‘hats’ that you wear, which one is the most precious? For me, I would say that my most important ‘hat’ has changed over the years. When I was young, I think the most important ‘hat’ for me was to fit in. In my young adult years, I wanted nothing more than to be a wonderful mom. Now, I think differently. All my ‘hats’ are either important or necessary for my life, but one stands out to me the most. One I like to wear all the time, even when I switch ‘hats’ for another activity or chore. It’s the ‘hat’ of Christianity. I’m not talking about going to church, although I do enjoy going to church. I’m talking about having a deep and personal relationship with God. I’m talking about in everything I’m involved in, first thinking: Will this honor my creator? Will this get in the way of worship? Will God be glorified? God is teaching me on a very deep level to trust in Him, and in Him alone. What is God teaching you?

This year in 2022, I challenged my children to read at least 2 theological books. I challenged myself to read one a month. I first read Down but Not Out by Wayne Mack. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see that I was letting my circumstances get in the way of trusting God. I realized how much I was disobeying the Word, by worrying about things. Even to the point at which it affected me physically. I’m now reading a book called Knowing God by JI Packer. It is really challenging me to get a much bigger picture of who God is. God is so much more than I can fathom. Would you like to know Him? I mean really know God in a personal way? Dig into the Holy Bible, step into a Bible believing church, study and see who He is!! Knowing God in a personal way will not be a disappointment!

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