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Unexpected Gift!

This morning started with our usual routine. School, lunch, and puppy play time. One of my children came in and informed me that Kids N Kritters Fern CH was in labor! In just a short time she gave birth to a beautiful single doeling!! Unfortunately I do not have the breeding on the calendar, so she will be unregistered. The little girl looks great, healthy, and has a great set of lungs=) What a fun unexpected gift God gave us!!

Meanwhile the puppies are growing wonderfully! They will be six weeks on Thursday the 27th of January. Three of the brown ones are spoken for, as well as one white female. We have 10 Anatolian/Great Pyrenees puppies. Six of them still need working homes. Let me know if you are looking for a Livestock Guardian Dog!!

Did anything exciting happen in your day today? Many days seem to be the same, we get into routines, and sometimes we just get comfortable there.

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