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Unthawing a Baby Goat

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Yesterday I told you that we had a surprise kid born to Fern. Well,, because she was a single, I felt it would be best to put her in a pen with Momma and they could snuggle together, and keep warm through this cold week. Fern has done a great job caring for her kids in the past, so I didn't think it would be a big deal. This morning, my youngest son (the early bird) went out to do his chores as usual. Mind you the temperature outside was around -9 this morning. Robby came in the house with a half frozen little girl. Her feet were not moving, and she was barely alive. I quickly cuddled her in front of the wood stove to warm her up. The kids and I took turns holding her and trying to warm her poor little body. Finally about 12;30 in the afternoon, she was warm enough to take a bottle. The sweet little girl looks good now, and has since eaten quite a bit. Sometimes I think I'm making a good decision about farming, and it's a really bad decision. I'm grateful my son brought her in before it was too late! I'm also grateful that I can trust my Heavenly Father in all things. My decisions are made while I look through the small window of my perspective. God sees all things, and I know He always does what is right!


Little Penelope is doing great! She is running around, playing and jumping. Of course she has the Nigerian shrill! I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to keep her until the other kids are born, she just can't stay warm outside by herself, and she will make quite the mess in the house. For now, I will enjoy her little pitter-patter in the house!

Another Update:

I went and picked up Penelope tonight to be with our new little surprise! The two of them are cuddled up in the barn. Hopefully they continue to thrive and stay warm enough out there.

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